Crossy Roads is an addicting, free game available on iOS and Android.

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Tap and swipe our finger to move your character, the starter character is a chicken, and navigate your way through endless levels of obstacles. With over 20 million players participating, it is a viral hit.

Jump through rivers and streets while dodging obstacles like cars and crocodiles. Collect coins on the way through each level, and every 100 you get is a free character you can unlock. The character you obtain from the Candy Machine in between levels is completely random, you never know what you may get. From frogs to PewdDiePug, this only adds to the fun. Unfortunately, if you wish to purchase a specific character, you need to make an in-app purchase.

Characters add to the Fun

Half of the fun is unlocking all of the characters available in the game. With over 50 variable characters, there is a charming creature for everyone. There are also mystery characters, such as Hipster Whale and Gifty, but they can only be unlocked during gameplay. And although most characters only change the appearance of the player, several can unleash special abilities during play:

-Mad Wizard

-Baseball Player

-Poopy Pigeon

-Piggy Bank (Psst:This is the most valuable, as it vastly increases the amount of coins received in game)




-Festive Chicken




-The Penguin


I am not going to tell you their special abilities, as it ruins the surprise! With each of these characters having a special ability, it gives an extra push to unlock them all!


People love using cheats on games. They are easy, convenient, and can lead you to win with minimal effort. Others prefer not to use games, as they love the challenge of winning by themselves. Though if you do tend to use cheats, it is highly recommended to exercise caution. many «cheats» online are only a scam, and are after personal info or your money. NEVER use a cheat or hack that requires personal information such as name, address,etc. NO legit cheat needs personal info or money to get into your gaming account to provide resources. If any «cheat» asks for it, click away, as they are only trying to hurt you. There are few legitimate cheats in the internet, especially for Crossy Roads, so always use caution.

One cheat I have personally used and loved (Note: It is legit) was The Crossy Roads Hack app available on all platforms that Crossy Roads is. They did not ask for any info. All it requires is that you select the device you are on (Android or iOS) and you can quickly input any info( how many coins needed, whether you want all characters unlocked, etc.) I am sure that there are more cheats out there for Crossy Roads, but this seems to be the best I could find.

Crossy Roads, whether cheats are used or not, provides excellent entertainment for all players. It is a simple but challenging game with a variety of characters to make everyone happy. What are you waiting for? Go play!

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